Houghton 01 — maypole: lia + michael

Houghton 01 — maypole: lia + michael
maypole quilt: an overhead view of a nearly-square quilt on a wooden deck. The effect is of woven ribbons. The colors are based on those seen in the Pacific Northwest. There are two shades of medium brown, metallic speckled neutral, chambray (some with anchors), navy and ice-dyed neutral fabric
Houghton 01 — maypole

Title: Maypole: Lia + Michael
Materials: PNW-ice dyed cotton (by Paige Anderson of Ponderosa Creative), chambray, quilting cotton, cotton batting
Dimensions: 40” x 44 ½”
Date of Completion: April 2021

(photographed in Greenbank, WA)

  • A quilt top rendered in shades of brown, blue and green. The modified log cabin design gives the impression of a woven maypole. The quilt is held by a long-haired brunette femme holds a completed quilt top. She is in a coral-colored linen top on a deck with a few pots.

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