Month: April 2018

April Shop Update

New items in the shop are now live! Lots of great art therapy pieces this time around. A few new experiments with new handwriting, and I also tried using perle cotton instead of six-strand embroidery floss. Pieces inspired by Stephen Hawking, Madonna, and Satan themself.

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Say Her Name

Twitter is ripe for hashtags, obviously. Some of them have better sticking power, also obviously. In my ignorance, I wasn’t quite sure what #SayHerName was until a few months back. I had seen it make the rounds in certain of my circles on both Twitter and Instagram, but the fact that it was potentially being […]

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Occupational Therapy

Two years ago, I spent time in the Behavioral Health Unit at Swedish Hospital Ballard. I’d had my second manic episode, and I was brought there to stabilize and heal. My favorite part of the day happened at about 10:30 — occupational therapy. I don’t know what your impression of what a session of that […]

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